Mobile Jewelry Appraisal & Laboratory

Appraisal & Gemology Consulting Services

Insurance Appraising

  • Obtain insurance coverage
  • Post-Loss insurance claim
    - Damage / Diminution of value
    - Repair or Reproduction
    - Salvage Value

Estate Appraising

  • Equitable distribution of
    assets belonging to an estate
  • Estate Tax

Jewelry Sales Consulting

  • Market levels
  • Venues
  • “Tips and Slips"

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Gemological Consulting

  • Diamond grading report verification
  • Pre- or Post-purchase diamond and
    gemstone quality confirmation
  • Gemstone identification
  • Gemstone treatment identification, when possible
  • Historical research 

About Southern California Appraisal Lab

Julie Kerlin, diamond ring, Edwardian, jewelry appraisal, Orange County, Southern California

Qualified and Experienced

  • Certified Member, National Association of Jewelry Appraisers
  • Accredited Senior Gemologist, Accredited Gemologists Association 
  • Graduate Gemologist, GIA (in residence)
  • Graduate Pearls, GIA (in residence)
  • Master of Business Administration, USC

Always Independent, Objective, & Accurate

diamond ring, ruby ring, antique, jewelry, appraisal, Orange County, gemologist, engagement ring


  • Mobile laboratory and jewelry appraisal services
  • Appraisals for Insurance and Estate purposes
  • Jewelry and Diamond Sales Consulting
  • Gemologist Consultant
  • Historical Research

diamond grading, diamond color, diamonds, gemologist, Orange County, jewelry appraisal


  • Private Jewelry Owners & Purchasers
  • Wholesale and Retail Jewelers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Attorneys

My Appraisal Practice

Your Mobile Appraiser -- I Come To You! Convenience, Privacy, and Peace of Mind

Headed by Julie Kerlin, GG, CM, Southern California Appraisal Lab provides a wide range of jewelry appraisal, gemological, consulting, and research services throughout Southern California.  My appraisal practice is unique, as I provide mobile appraisal and gemological services.  My lab comes to you -- either your home or office.  Equipped with both a portable laboratory and traditional, full-scale laboratory equipment, I have the resources and knowledge to meet your jewelry appraisal and consulting needs ethically, with objectivity and accuracy.  The many benefits of mobile appraising include:

  • You maintain control of your jewelry and are never without it -- no leaving it for days or worrying should something happen to it.

  • You have the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about your jewelry and the appraisal process.  I feel the more you know about your jewelry, the more appreciation you will have for your sparkling pieces of art. 

  • You still have a productive day at your home or office while I complete the gemological and appraisal work.

As a Certified Member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (NAJA), Julie performs her appraisals in a completely independent, impartial, and objective manner. Julie's appraisal documents are created in compliance with NAJA standards and in accordance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, (USPAP). 

Southern California's Premier Mobile Appraisal and Gem Laboratory

Southern California's Premier Mobile Appraisal and Gem Laboratory

Your Antique & Vintage Jewelry Appraisal Specialist

With a Passion for Art and History

Georgian, diamond, ring, Victorian, natural pearl, earrings, jewelry, appraisal, Orange County

Georgian (Bottom) Early 1700's to 1837 and 

Victorian (Top) 1837 to approximately 1900 

Art Nouveau, necklace, enamel, pearls. Edwardian, platinum, diamond ring, appraisal, Orange County

Art Nouveau (Left) 1895 to 1915 and
Edwardian (Right) 1901 to 1910.  Two very different styles during similar time periods.

Art Deco, enamel, watch, Retro, earrings, jewelry, appraisal, gemologist, Orange County

Art Deco (Top) 1920's and 1930's


Retro & Mid-Century (Bottom) World War II Era to early 1960's

There are many clues to interpret when circa dating jewelry

Art Deco, diamond, ruby, ring, antique, jewelry, appraisal, Orange County, gemolgist

Metals and Tool Marks

Victorian hair, garnet, brooch, jewelry, appraisal, Orange County, gemologist, diamond, engagement

Methods of Manufacture

Want to learn more?

I welcome the opportunity to work with you to discover your jewelry's past.

hallmarks, Maker's Mark, jewelry, appraisal, Orange County, gemologist, diamond

Maker's Marks and Country Hallmarks


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